But this time, you didn't scold me or beat me. You hurt the corners of your mouth twitch, but your eyes smile and say to me, "it's OK, dad is OK!" then you limp out. You are totally like a new person, so rough and violent person, who actually serves me every day to eat, drink, Lazar and help me to take a bath and massage. You are more patient and meticulous than mom. I began to resume exercise under your supervision and support. I got up at 5 o'clock every morning, and you accompanied me to walk on double crutches. I stumbled ahead, and you followed me, and we became a unique sight in that street. In order to take care of me, you didn't do your original work. Without financial resources, you can't afford the huge medical expenses. You borrow money everywhere, and your relatives are scared by you. At that time, you heard that there was a hospital in Northeast China that had special effects on my legs. In order to raise the cost of medicine, you went to the provincial capital to borrow money from my aunt. Eight months later, I began to throw down my crutches and walk on my own. …… This time you went to the hospital for examination, you kept asking me, "what's going on? Isn't it serious? " I hold your hand tightly, your thick and rough big hand keeps shaking in my palm. I found out for the first time that you were so scared. As a result, it is hyperosteogeny, which must be treated by operation. The doctor said: I can't imagine how your father could stand the pain like that?